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Paving Cleaning & Sealing and Full Restoration Service.

Over years paving will weather up and although in some situations the weathering gives a natural look that looks good it can soon change and go to the point when it looks either unsightly or even slippery and dangerous.  We offer a cleaning service that can restore your paving or patio to its former glory.

Unlike many of the cleaning companies offering a similar services, we also offer the skills and tool sets to lift and relay paving and block paving that has settled and re-point Sandstone, Limestone, Yorkstone, Cobble Setts and Concrete slabs. 

We use a powerful cleaning agent kills and removes the lichen and other stubborn growth and this will also lessen the appearance of oil stains and alike.

We use a power our 250 Bar Industrial Petrol Pressure Washer to clean and rinse the debris away.

If you have block / brick paving we re-sand the paving and use a compaction/wacker plate to settle the kiln dried sand in.  We can also seal the paving with a High Solid Sealer.  The finish can either be a satin, silk finish or wet look. 

If you have Indian Sandstone or Concrete paving we can re-point if necessary and sealing the paving with a High Solid Sealer. The finish can also be a satin or wet look.

Patio Restoration June 2018 in Corfe Mullen.
Cleaned, Slab correction for sunken / rockers and re-pointed.


Driveway - Before (Sturminster Marshall May 2018)

After being Cleaned re-sanded and compacted 


Weed Killed, Washed and Re-sanded

Sealed with Quality HD Solvent Sealer to preserve the surface and joints.



25 + Yr Old Block Paving (Before)

                                 After being cleaned, Sanded, compacted & Sealed - (Satin)



                                         Buff Block Paving -  Before

          Buff Block Paving - Cleaned, Re-sanded and Sealed (Satin Finish) After


Omega Brindle Block Paving - Sanded and Sealed (Satin)